What is High Sensitivity?

People who are Highly Sensitive have a differently developed nervous system, which for survival reasons is orientated to observing before acting (Aron 2019). Dr Elaine Aron, who has been researching the trait since 1991, asserts that it is normal, innate, and is found in between 15% to 20% of the population (Aron 1999). Sensory Processing Sensitivity (as it is known scientifically), has several distinct features, including the preference to process information more deeply, being easily overstimulated, having greater emotional intensity and empathy, and being more aware of subtle stimuli in the environment (Aron 2018).

You can take a self-test to see if you are Highly Sensitive below:

What is Mentoring for Highly Sensitive People?

Mentoring is the process of getting to know the right conditions that will enable you to thrive. Knowing more about your personal experience of being Highly Sensitive can be validating and empowering. Together we will discover your own unique way of living a life that works for you.

  • Are you struggling to thrive in your work or home environment?

  • Do you feel chronically overwhelmed and stressed?

  • Is conforming to the expectations of other people and our non-HSP world making you ill?

  • Have you found it difficult to find a career path that works for you?

  • Is balancing your home life, work and relationships a constant challenge?

I can help with:

  • ​Strategies to reduce stress and overwhelm

  • Boundary setting skills

  • Identifying and expressing needs

  • Increasing knowledge and understanding of your unique sensitivity

  • Identifying your strengths and the contribution you make

  • Creating self-care strategies

  • Increasing confidence and self-esteem

  • Growing self-compassion and self-acceptance

  • Creating new perspectives and positive re-framing

  • Integrating knowledge and understanding of High Sensitivity into your life


Dr Elaine Aron:

Caroline van Kimmenade:

National Centre for High Sensitivity (UK):


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